Sports & Recreation

Southern Pacific Sands is a leading supplier of specialist construction sands, soils and top dressing material for use in the sporting and recreation industries.

Having supplied iconic large scale projects such as Suncorp Stadium and the Gabba through to local sporting fields, Southern Pacific Sands have the expertise and quality material to meet every sports and recreational development requirement.

Due to our diverse range of quality products Southern Pacific Sands supply many different areas of the sport and recreation industries such as:

  • Major sports field construction and maintenance
  • Golf Course construction and maintenance
  • Synthetic playing surfaces (tennis, bowls etc)
  • Beach volleyball and indoor arenas
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Horse racetrack development, repair and maintenance / Dressage arena
  • Artificial beach construction and beach redevelopment
  • Pool filtration

Sports Field Development and Maintenance

Our large reserves ensure that a quality consistent product will be supplied for many years to come, making Southern Pacific Sands the ideal supplier for sporting field construction and maintenance.

Turf Sand

  • Widely used throughout the golf and sporting industry, our Turf Sand is a premium grade topdressing material that can be used in a multiple of applications. From top dressing greens and fairways to sports fields and landscaped parklands.
  • Turf Sand is washed and graded sand specifically produced for the horticultural industry.
  • Easily spread
  • Free from weeds and seeds
  • Great drainage with a hydraulic conductivity of around 600mm/hr
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5

Sports Turf Blend

  • Sports Turf Blend is a washed product with a sandy loam texture suitable for use both top dressing sporting facilities or during construction in under turf application.
  • Washed and graded product
  • Easily spread
  • Free from weeds and seeds
  • Great drainage and still retains moisture.
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5

Premium Blend Screened Soil

  • Meets AS4419
  • Screened soil through a 10mm screen and blended with sand and organic matter.
  • Smooth spreadable soil giving a great base for under turf or playing surface.
  • Can be used in top dressing application
  • Proven ability to supply large volumes to major sports field construction
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5

Golf Course Greens, Tee’s, Fairways, Bunkers

USGA Golf Turf Sand (GTS2000)

  • Southern Pacific Sands GTS2000 (Golf Turf Sand) meets all requirements for USGA Root zone strict sand specifications.
  • USGA Root zone sand
  • Widely used within the golf and sporting industries for both construction and top dressing.
  • Hydraulic conductivity approximately 1800mm/hr
  • pH range 5.0 – 7.0
  • Blending available If required, please contact our sales team for further information or a quote.

Golf Sand Fine

  • Fine graded sand is regularly used on golf greens throughout South East Queensland.
  • Unique particle size distribution that rubs into the green with minimal effort and contains very few coarse particles that can damage cylinder cutting blades.
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5

Bunker Sands

Southern Pacific Sands offer three types of Bunker Sand as a standard, and specialty blend ratios upon request;

Bunker Sand

  • Typically light in colour (may vary)

Bunker Sand Premium

  • Typically light, off white in colour (may vary)

Bunker Sand Blend

  • A blend of loamy washed sand and coarser material helping to hold shape on the face of bunkers.
  • Typically light golden color (may vary)

Specialty Sands

Soft Fall Sand for Playground Re-Surfacing

  • Playground Sand – Soft fall sand.
  • Southern Pacific Sands is able to provide AS4422 certified soft fall sand.
  • Externally tested and approved, our Playground sand meets the requirements for safety tested up to 3.0m critical fall height.

Synthetic Grass Sand

Fine dried graded sand designed to rub into synthetic grass playing surfaces holding them firmly in place. (i.e. construction and maintenance of synthetic tennis court playing surfaces)

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