Southern Pacific Sands produce a wide range of screened soils, sandy loams and top dressing material to satisfy nearly every landscaping and horticultural construction requirement. With the ability to supply bulk volumes of quality material when you require it, Southern Pacific Sands is the ideal choice for your next project.

Our client base ranges from small landscape contractors and landscaping yards through to large scale parkland and civil construction developments.

Soils & Growing Medium

Note: Southern Pacific Sands does not use “recycled green waste” in any of its products due to risk of weeds and contamination.

Garden Blend

  • Meets AS4419
  • Screened soil through a 10mm screen, blended with sand and organic additives.
  • Ideally suited to South East Queensland’s climate providing good growing medium for plants including varieties sensitive to phosphorus.
  • Proven ability to supply soil for major landscape developments
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5
  • Note: Not recommended for top dressing.

Premium Blend Screened Soil – TS8000PB

  • Meets AS4419
  • Screened soil through a 10mm screen and blended with sand and organic matter.
  • Smooth spreadable soil giving a great base for under turf or playing surface.
  • Can be used in top dressing application (please note that our premium blend soil may contain particles up to 10mm)
  • Proven ability to supply large volumes to major sports field construction
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5

Screened Soil

  • Screened sandy soil screened through 10mm screen.
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5
  • Note: May not meet always AS4419 due to organic matter potentially being less than 3%

Southern Pacific Sands has supplied quality sands and soils to the South East Queensland horticultural market for the past 15+ years.

Top Dressing

Southern Pacific Sands have a selection of top dressing sands that can be used in multiple applications from large scale park and field maintenance to smaller streetscape developments.

USGA Golf Turf Sand (GTS2000)

  • GTS2000 (Golf Turf Sand) is our USGA grade root zone sand ideal for projects requiring great drainage or golf green construction.
  • Widely used within the golf and sporting industries for both construction and top dressing. Please note: Not recommended for use as top dressing for golf greens due to potential particles retained above 2mm.
  • Hydraulic conductivity approximately 1800mm/hr
  • pH range 5.0 – 7.0
  • Blending available If required, please contact our sales team for further information or a quote.

Turf Sand

  • Widely used throughout the golf and sporting industry, our Turf Sand is a premium grade topdressing material that can also be used for field construction and under turf. From top dressing greens and fairways to sports fields and landscaped parklands.
  • Turf Sand is washed and graded sand specifically produced for the horticultural industry.
  • Easily spread
  • Free from weeds and seeds
  • Great drainage with a hydraulic conductivity of around 400-600mm/hr
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5

Sports Turf Blend

  • Sports Turf Blend is a great product with a sandy loam texture suitable for use both top dressing sporting facilities or during construction in under turf application.
  • Washed and graded product
  • Easily spread
  • Free from weeds and seeds
  • Great drainage and still retains moisture.
  • pH range 5.5 – 7.5
  • Typical weight conversion in 1m3 = 1.4t (loose approx)

Blending Specialists

Blending Specialists

Southern Pacific Sands has a proven record for supplying specialty blends. Being a large wholesale operation, we have the facility to mix specialty additives, organic boosters, gypsum or other material you may request as part of your next project.

If you would like to discuss your required specifications, please contact one of our sales team to discuss your needs.

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