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Located at Ningi approximately 40km north of Brisbane, Southern Pacific Sands is a wholesale supplier of quality washed silica sands, bio-retention filtration medium and AS4419 soil products  available in bulk, servicing Brisbane and South East Queensland (SEQ).

Established in 1993 on a high quality silica sands deposit, Southern Pacific Sands has built a reputation of providing high quality silica sand, soil products and timely service, providing a truly independent supply source of wholesale washed and classified sands to relevant industry customers.

As a certified ISO9001 quality organisation, we are proud of our ability to provide a range of products meeting specific industry standards such as FAWBAS4419AS4422 and DTMR (Department of Transport & Main Roads).

From major projects or developments requiring bulk supply, through to smaller single load deliveries, Southern Pacific Sands has a proven track record of delivery.

Our main product streams consist of washed classified sand, dried processed sands, bio-retention filter media and screened soils sold to a diverse customer base from metal casting foundries, concrete and asphalt batching plants, civil construction industry, local and international supply of golf course construction and maintenance material through to locomotive grit for Queensland Railways.

With significant proven reserves, Southern Pacific Sands has the ability to provide customers with the security of accessing a long term supply of product. Coupled with this key point is the fact that we are well situated for the delivery of products by road throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area, the Gold & Sunshine Coast regions and to the bulk loading facilities at the port of Brisbane.

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